The EPUB Universe

The Phoenix EDUPUB meetings reminded me that the EPUB universe is growing rapidly, and becoming harder to keep track of. I was going to try and put up a nice graphical representation of how the specs fit together, but then I remembered how bad I am at all things graphics.

Instead, I’m going to chart out a table of current specifications, and then list all the various bits and pieces that you can’t always find without scouring the spec documents.

I’ve abandoned this page as the latest info can now be found at

The Specifications

Note: You can always find the status of IDPF specifications at

Status Content CSS Scripting Nav Synch Package Container Cross-Cutting
Core EPUB Content Documents 3.0.1 EPUB Media Overlays 3.0.1 EPUB Publications 3.0.1 EPUB Open Container Format (OCF) 3.0.1 EPUB Canonical Fragment Identifier (epubcfi) Specification
Rec Alternate Style Tags EPUB Region-Based Navigation 1.0 EPUB Multiple-Rendition Publications EPUB Previews 1.0
Working Drafts Open Annotation in EPUB EPUB Distributable Objects 1.0




Vocabularies and Extensions

Information Documents


Project Sites

Mailing Lists

IDPF Sites


That’s a pretty hefty listing, so chances are good I’ve missed something. If I have, please note in the comments and I’ll update.

4 Replies to “The EPUB Universe”

  1. Hm, wordpress ate most of the page for no apparent reason when I published. If you don’t see a table followed by a whole bunch of sections of link lists, please post a message and I’ll fix again…

  2. Nothing new since the last release — the edupub specs are in a public evaluation phase. I don’t know when the work will get picked back up, as the idpf/w3c merger needs to be worked out first.

    Web Annotations have become a CR in W3C, though.[1] There’s probably some harmonization that needs to be done between the two, but I haven’t had time to review.


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