Accessible Publishing Knowledge Base

If you haven’t heard, there’s a new set of guidelines in town: the Accessible Publishing Knowledge Base.

It’s not new, new, though, as these are based off the old work I did for DAISY writing the EPUB Accessibility Guidelines. They’ve just been generalized a bit as we look forward to web publications, and they are now the official source of documentation for the Ace accessibility checker.

A lot of the information is similar, but the new knowledge base takes a techniques-first approach. The pages we put up on were an offshoot of the O’Reilly accessibility book — it was sort of the much bigger homework I’d done to prepare that book — and were heavy on text instruction. That detail remains, but it’s been pushed down to the bottom so that you get the best practices and examples right away. I’ve also tried to update the guidance and improve the writing, but there’s always more work to do.

Note that you won’t find as many pages in the new knowledge base as on the old site, as priority was given to adding content that explains Ace errors. Pages with questionable accessibility value and out-dated information were also pulled from the first release. The ones that have value will be added again, but only when there is useful guidance to give.

To keep this short, if you find yourself reading this post, update your bookmarks!

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