You can probably guess from the domain name who I am, so I’ll skip an introduction.

Opinions expressed on this site are, by nature, my own. I’m not an “employee of” anyone since leaving CNIB back in 2010, and don’t speak for anyone. What was anticipated to be a short time doing some freelance work — finishing up the Z39.98 spec — has since turned into the better part of a decade working on various specifications for different organizations: DAISY, IDPF and now on to W3C.

I certainly can’t knock a life that’s afforded me the chance to be on the cutting edge of ebook development. While working in publishing turned me into a lover of structured data, nothing satisfies intellectual curiosity quite like working on the technology. I’ve had a good run, that’s for sure.

Of course, the other passion in my life these days is Amelia. She thinks I have the lamest job in the world, but we agree to disagree on that.

But to make a long story short, this blog/site is primarily focused on the technology of ebooks.