The meaning of… links

To return to basics for a moment, I’ve been feeling the need to chime in that hyperlinks should speak for themselves, whether you are using an assistive technology or not. So let the chiming begin!

I tend to think of this requirement as up there in familiarity with including alternative text for images, but then my bubble keeps getting popped. A couple of times recently, even.

But I’m not going to throw stones only at others today, as one instance I came across was on the home page for this site.

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XHTML5/CSS Namespaces

Due to my lazy and haphazard reading of Twitter, I only just spotted a question about whether to use CSS namespaces or escape the colons in namespaced element/attribute names, since I have a few selectors using both in the accessibility guidelines on the IDPF site.

It seemed a bit after the fact to respond, but I wanted to give the topic some further explanation here, as anyone who can say anything meaningful about namespaces in under 140 characters deserves an award of some kind.

First, a word about namespaces and prefixes. If you think they’re impenetrably complex and evil, let me first try to dispel that they’re a difficult a concept. (Granting that they do get complex in some advanced implementation scenarios, and are rarely high on the fun list to manually implement.)Continue Reading XHTML5/CSS Namespaces

Lost Order

So when, exactly, is a list ordered or unordered?

Seems like a simple question, but is it? Do indexes and bibliographies represent ordered lists simply because they have been arranged alphabetically, for example?

I was involved in a interesting debate on the topic the other day with a couple of publishing people and we probably spent over a half hour arguing the merits of each approach for indexes before realizing we were really getting off track of our objective! It was an enlightening argument, if only to have to rationalize the position of no order, so I thought I’d share some of it.Continue Reading Lost Order