What a little birdy didn’t tell me…

Every now and again I receive emails from twitter that someone has mentioned me or one of these blog posts,¬†and I get slightly ashamed that I’ve never embraced the platform.

It happened again the other day when there was a small series of tweets about the post I did on DAISY to EPUB migration. While those messages didn’t call for a response, I feel bad that people might think I’m actively following twitter and snubbing them.

I’m not even sure if my lack of activity betrays that I don’t actively use the platform, either, as lurkers seem to outnumber posters.

This, then, is my apology in advance for all future transgressions in the twitterverse.
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Babies are toughest of all…

So much for thinking I’d actually write anything what with the 3.0.1 revision, the accessibility metadata project and the arrival of the baby.

So much for thinking I’d get any sleep after the baby arrived, too… boy was I naive thinking prepping the house would be the hardest work! But it’s nice to have a real baby now and not have to sadly refer to the specs as my babies anymore. ;)

Must try and get back in the habit of thinking again, if only to fight off the delirium that comes from a lack of sleep.

Here are a few pics of little Amelia Sadie.

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