Semantic Overload

So, does EPUB 3.0.1 adding both RDFa and Microdata attributes officially qualify it for semantic overload? Are there just too many ways to express semantics: epub:type, ARIA role, RDFa, microdata and even microformats can all be used.

The answer is probably yes and no, with any fault you might be inclined to find lying at the feet of the W3C where these things are ground out. One of HTML’s drawbacks has been the lack of a standardized way of expressing meaningful information about the structure and content of documents. It’s led to the current proliferation of mechanisms, each of which serves a useful function, but the sum of which invariably makes for confusion.
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Semantic Intention

A recent mailing list thread had me thinking today about the old problem of where semantics exist. They aren’t hard-coded in your (X)HTML tags, for example, which probably sounds like a strange thing to say. But it’s true… to an extent. Markup languages define how you can structure documents with a lot of precision, but can only weakly enforce what the tags themselves mean.
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