DAISY to EPUB Migration

It’s the oft asked question: if EPUB is the future of accessible digital reading, when should I migrate?

The easy part is asking the question, the hard part is giving a meaningful answer. I know I don’t have a perfect one to offer up, as a lot of what is most impressive about EPUB is still not implemented at this point. But there are other reasons that make the transition a challenge beyond feature support in reading systems.
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The Role of Z39.98

With all the hype for EPUB 3 production, lost in the frenzy seems to be the work we did on the Z39.98 Authoring and Interchange Format.

But is it any less valuable for being overshadowed by its distribution counterpart?

I’ve already written a short defence of the format in the DAISY forums, but it feels like we’ve been unnaturally silent on the format since it’s delivery.Continue Reading The Role of Z39.98