What’s an Editor?

The editor of a specification can mean many things to many people, so considering that I’m starting ramble on about EPUB here, and we have a new revision revving up, it might be worth clarifying what I do… while sitting in my¬†pyjamas¬†all day.

Working as the editor of the EPUB specs doesn’t put me in a position of authority over the format, to make that clear right off the bat. I don’t have decision making power over what the working group decides to implement, or any kind of veto: the benign dictator editor label does not apply.Continue Reading What’s an Editor?

Get Rich… Soon

With the EPUB 3.0.1 revision kicking into gear this week, I thought I’d do a quick review of what’s on the table, at least at the outset.

(Note that nothing cited in this post is guaranteed to be included in 3.0.1 until it’s in the final recommendation, so don’t quote my ramblings as authoritative!)

The most exciting new feature to me, as a data freak, is the potential inclusion of RDFa lite and microdata for enriching content. (I know I opened the issue, but I still think it’s exciting!)Continue Reading Get Rich… Soon