Epubcheck in a language near you

Just an interesting note for those who don’t follow epubcheck development that localization of the messages in at least a couple of languages is being carried out for an upcoming release (Japanese and German).

Doesn’t sound like they’ll be able to cover all messages, since some are inherent to the technologies being used and can’t be modified, but for an internationally-used publishing format a step in the right direction.

Lost from HTML 5.0

If you’ve ever taken a read of the EPUB 3 Content Documents spec, you’ve undoubtedly seen the warnings about HTML5 features being experimental, and to use them with caution. Caveat emptor and all that…

Did you ever skip on over to the HTML 5.0 spec and have a look at what features those were? Did you use them with caution? (Everyone follows specs to the letter of the law, right?)

If not, as the 5.0 revision winds down you might have missed the various features that have recently been pushed out. If you liked the details/summary elements, for example, you’re waiting for HTML 5.1 now for official status.

So where does that leave the world of EPUB 3?

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Zip it… zip it good!

So I’ve decided my new year’s resolution is to never again explain zipping an EPUB.

While it’s probably unrealistic to expect the question won’t be posed to me by someone somewhere — thinking IDPF forums here — my dream is just to point people to this post and not spend any more time on the subject.

If you’ve mastered the nuances of EPUB archives, warning in advance that this is probably not the read for you.
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Epubcheck 3.0 for .Net

I was motivated to figure out if I could add EPUB 3.0 validation to a program I’d written in C#, so did some tinkering over the weekend to see what I could discover. I thought I’d jot down a few notes about getting epubcheck to work as a library inside of a C# program, in case it’s of any use to anyone thinking their only option is to shell out to the command line.
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