Accessible InDesign Fixed Layouts?

I’d heard rumour about the use of XHTML for fixed layouts in InDesign before the announcement of the new Creative Cloud 2014 suite this month, and having text-based pages — instead of them being purely image-based — sounded like a fantastic thing.

Add that Adobe included the ability to export the epub:type attribute, and it seemed like there was a lot to look forward to as far as making accessible ebooks.

But the all important question lingered… what would the actual output look like, and would it match the hype?

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New in EPUB Fixed Layouts

To keep with a theme of looking at things that are coming soon, I thought today I’d give a quick update on the fixed layout properties.

One of the big changes in the 3.0.1 revision was to integrate the previous fixed layouts information document into the Publications and Content Documents specifications, and make support for fixed layouts required in reading systems. It was deemed to have earned its wings, if you will, and belong as a core feature of EPUB.
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Get Rich… Soon

With the EPUB 3.0.1 revision kicking into gear this week, I thought I’d do a quick review of what’s on the table, at least at the outset.

(Note that nothing cited in this post is guaranteed to be included in 3.0.1 until it’s in the final recommendation, so don’t quote my ramblings as authoritative!)

The most exciting new feature to me, as a data freak, is the potential inclusion of RDFa lite and microdata for enriching content. (I know I opened the issue, but I still think it’s exciting!)Continue Reading Get Rich… Soon