XHTML5/CSS Namespaces

Due to my lazy and haphazard reading of Twitter, I only just spotted a question about whether to use CSS namespaces or escape the colons in namespaced element/attribute names, since I have a few selectors using both in the accessibility guidelines on the IDPF site.

It seemed a bit after the fact to respond, but I wanted to give the topic some further explanation here, as anyone who can say anything meaningful about namespaces in under 140 characters deserves an award of some kind.

First, a word about namespaces and prefixes. If you think they’re impenetrably complex and evil, let me first try to dispel that they’re a difficult a concept. (Granting that they do get complex in some advanced implementation scenarios, and are rarely high on the fun list to manually implement.)Continue Reading XHTML5/CSS Namespaces